Woodstock Driveway repair Tips to protect your concrete in Georgia

Why do Concrete Driveway repair In Woodstock Ga? After all many feel if it doesn’t get very cold or snow here often in the south it isn’t necessary. In this article we asked Matt Cook of Complete Concrete and Masonry to find out the answer.

Is it important to do repair concrete driveways?

Matt tells us, “It is true that we don’t get very cold weather to often here in Woodstock Ga. However, there are many days it goes below freezing here in Cherokee County and Cobb County.”

Why does that matter? Matt of Complete Concrete and Masonry, a concrete driveway repair expert tells us, “When the temperatures drop below freezing any moisture in your driveways cracks will freeze and expand. This may cause cracks to go deeper and wider. It also may contribute to concrete chipping and instability. Additionally, many throw salt on the concrete drive and sidewalk to prevent slipping on ice patches. Unfortunately, salt shortens concrete life.”

Is driveway resurfacing the answer?

Matt answers, “Driveway resurfacing can help if you have an asphalt driveway. However, if you have a concrete driveway than repairs or replacement is usually your best bet.”

Can homeowners repair their own driveways?

Matt explains, “Often a small hairline crack can be repaired by caulking with a liquid crack filler. In fact, you can usually do this if the cracks are LESS than 1/4″ wide. If they are larger than 1/4″ then caulking will only delay the inevitable replacement. The key is to caulk early before the cracks get too wide.”

What should a homeowner do if they can’t repair the driveway themselves?

Matt Concludes, “Call in a local driveway contractor in Woodstock Ga. Ask them if your driveway can be repaired or does it need to be replaced. Check for insurance and reviews before hiring anyone.”

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